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PRO SOLAR HAWAII provides complete solar power
systems and solar panel installation. We offer grid tie
systems, off grid systems, and emergency back up
systems as well.






Solar Panels (photovoltaic cells) convert the sunlight into electricity. The cells are grouped together to create solar panels. A series of panels are linked together and tied into a complete solar system to generate enough power to reduce or eliminate an electric bill. A residential PV solar system enables a homeowner to generate power during the day, when they are not at home, and sell the excess energy back to the power company, a process known as net metering.


Electricity costs have been rising for years, and will likely continue to do so. By investing in a PV solar system, homeowners can significantly reduce their overall electricity cost. With a state tax credit of 35% and a federal tax credit of 30%, installing solar can be very affordable. Considering the tax credits, most homeowners can own their PV system in 4 to 6 years, and thereafter enjoy the economic advantages of a low power bill, or no bill at all.


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